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Man's oldest tool - an object of history and purpose, of science and art - has captivated me since childhood. It felt almost preordained that I would one day make my own. So, about twenty years ago, I began work on my first blade.

I wanted my knife to be be functional and effective; comfortable to hold and a pleasure to use. I wanted it to be durable and reliable - a tool I could always depend on. And I wanted it to look good too.

IMG_4236 (3).JPG

I purchased some basic tools and set out to realize my vision. Dissatisfied with my first attempts I devoted myself to further study, practice and experimentation.

With each knife I made, I learned something new. The steel, the heat treatment and the edge geometry had to be just right. The handle had to feel comfortable and secure. All the parts had to fit together seamlessly, and it had to possess a certain balance and flow... 

Within a few years I had acquired enough knowledge and skill to make a knife that I could be proud of. I devoted more time and energy to the craft, purchased additional tools and equipment and continued to improve my work.


In 2013 I was awarded Journeyman status in the American Bladesmith Society, and shortly thereafter moved from the United States to the Bavarian Alps in southern Germany.

My forge and workshop today are located in the hamlet of Kaltenbrunn just outside of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. From this beautiful mountain location I now get to pursue my passion and build one-of-a-kind knives for valued clients and patrons around the world.

My work has been published in books and magazines in America and Germany and I exhibit at one or two knife shows per year.

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