Nuvoku chef knife with a 205mm sun-ray pattern damascus steel blade. The handle is stabilized redwood burl with stainless steel and African blackwood spacers. 75mm tall at the heel, almost 3.5mm at the spine with a full distal taper towards the point. 

Price:  $1100 in USA or €950 in EU

Please contact me directly to purchase. More photos available upon request.


This one is pending, meaning that I'm not sure which of the three pictured knives will be available.

For now, a quick run-down of each. The smaller one on the top left has a three-steel damascus blade measuring 3.5 inches on the cutting edge. It has a stabilized tasmanian blackwood handle with carbon fiber and black G10 spacers. Its overall length is 7 7/8 Inches.

The middle knife has a high layer damascus blade with a loose radial ladder pattern along its 5 3/8 inch length. The handle is stabilized rib-fruited mallee burl from Australia, and the spacers are made of carbon fiber and stainless steel. Its overall length is 10 5/8 inches.

The knife at the bottom right has a 5 1/8 damascus blade and a stabiized circassian walnut handle. The spacers are carbon fiber and stainless steel and the knife measures 10 5/8 inches from bow to stern.

Please contact me directly to purchase. Additional photos available on request.


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