Whether in the kitchen, the camp, or the field, a good quality knife can be an invaluable asset to possess. Precision, durability, performance-effectiveness and user-comfort are all important attributes of the high-end knife. This is what I make.

In both design and execution, I strive the create the finest knives that my skills and tools allow; knives that will reward their owners with a lifetime of dependable service and the pride of ownership that comes with buying the best.


The knives we use in our kitchens and dining rooms are in our hands more than any other knives we own. In professional settings, kitchen knives must endure persistent daily use, where cutting efficiency, edge-holding, and handle comfort are essential.


Knives for camp and field use must handle a variety of tasks, from splitting kindling and whittling tent pegs to preparing dinner over an open fire. In this environment, edge-holding, toughness, and durability are paramount.


Throughout history, knives and swords have been used not only as tools and weapons, but as bold expressions of style, wealth, and status. Elegant designs, intricate damascus patterns and beautiful natural handle materials finished to the highest standards can elevate man's most basic tool into a work of functional art.


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