Some examples of previously sold knives


Here is a classic field knife; something you might like to carry when you're far away from civilization. A strong, capable, reliable and versatile tool that can be called upon for anything from food prep to defense against monsters and villains.

The 7" (180mm) long blade is forged and fullered 80CrV2 steel, 1/4" (6,5mm) thick at the spine. With flat-ground bevels, a long clip and fine point, this blade can cut, chop, or poke with ease. Just don't get too carried away.

The guard on this one is forged low-layer damascus, accented with a coined-edge bronze spacer. The handle is sculpted from a block of desert ironwood contoured to fit comfortably in the hand.

This knife also came with a heavy-duty, hand-stitched leather sheath (not pictured) to be worn securely on a belt.


The blade on this knife is damascus steel forged out of three distinct high carbon tool steels. The S-shaped guard, also forged damascus, protects the hand and fingers from whatever might get in the way.

The handle is shaped from a beautiful piece of Australian ringed gidgee, set off with a titanium spacer and bedded to the tang with high-grade epoxy and a carbon fiber pin.


A knife like this is not typically carried indoors.

The blade is forged and selectively hardened W2 high carbon steel, polished and etched to reveal the hamon. A double-lugged stainless steel guard, internally secured sambar stag handle, and contoured stainless steel buttcap complete the hilt.

A simple but rugged hand-stitched leather sheath keeps this one snug and secure while out and about.


This gentleman's hunting knife features a forged high carbon steel blade,  damascus guard, and an Australian ringed gidgee handle. The blade is hand-polished to a 600 grit satin finish, and the wood handle is contoured and sanded to 1200 grit. 


This example features a forged carbon steel blade with hamon, stainless steel guard and Hawaiian koa handle.


The slender blade and long clip make this knife very light and fast in the hand. A stainless steel guard with black G10 and stainless steel spacers complement a beautifully textured sambar stag carver handle. The stainless steel buttcap was filed and sanded to match the contours of the stag.


A capable and versatile field knife is a wonderful thing to have when in out in the forest or on the trail.

This example features a full-tang cold-blued damascus blade with Australian ringed gidgee handle scales and stainless steel pins. The blade measures six inches in length.

A hand-stitched leather sheath keeps this one close.


A slim, easy to carry full-tang hunting knife, shown here with desert ironwood handle scales and stainless steel pins.


At just 7 inches in overal length, this little knife is a great option when space is limited. A forged carbon steel blade and sambar stag handle scales complete this example.


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